Guitar Tuition

Welcome to my guitar teaching page. I offer face to face and on line lessons in the Leamington, Warwick, Banbury, Stratford areas - from beginner to advanced - from the very young to the very old. I cover a range of styles incorporating acoustic fingerstyle guitar – including folk, jazz and blues and everything in-between.

Fingerstyle approaches on guitar offer lots of different ways of creating music – linking melodic work with moving bass lines and rhythmic variations; but it also offers a great base to start exploring the guitar, with the aim being for beginners to be able to play simple instrumental pieces within the first few weeks. Lessons will also include looking at strumming and soloing techniques; however it’s always worth remembering that strumming, finger picking and soloing can be mixed up and incorporated into any piece - as the musical building blocks remain the same however you play. Have a look at the clips below to see if this is the sort of approach to the guitar you are interested in.

I am a qualified teacher, have worked in music education for over 30 years and have been assessed an outstanding teacher by OFSTED.

How much it costs - £30 for an hour £15 for half an hour.

Contact details –

Phone: 01926 612436

Mobile: 07550 080 954

I started playing the guitar when I was 18, intrigued by the sounds of Paul Simon, John Martyn, Ralph McTell and other contemporary guitarists. I also loved listening to the ‘old school’ bluesmen like Blind Blake, Rev Gary Davis and Big Bill Broonzy - as they created the backbone for many of the contemporary folk, blues and ragtime styles to follow.

I started teaching myself somewhat tentatively, but took a big leap forward when I began lessons a couple of years later, finding that the direction and feedback of one-to-one sessions was what I needed to make the most of any potential I had. I was not musically gifted in any way (other than having a reasonable sense of rhythm) but I stuck at it and gradually developed musically alongside the improving technique I was acquiring.

As the years went on I didn’t have regular lessons, but always went back to exploring and expanding approaches to the guitar every few years (either in a lesson format – or with fellow musicians). It was my desire to find a voice through music that led me to achieve some level of control over my instruments - and not any innate musicality I had.

It is my belief that everyone who has a strong enough desire to find their own musical voice – can find it.

Guitar Clips

Please have a look at some clips I have recorded. I have attempted to give a generalised view of some of the styles I play and teach. It isn’t comprehensive, but it should give you an idea of whether you think I may be the right person to help you take the next step forward with your guitar playing.


Introduction to Guitar Lessons

Early Stages/Beginners

Beginner Exercise
Beginner Blues
Strumming Exercise
Simple Instrumental
Basic Soloing and Scales
Country Blues 1


Folk Styles
Irish Tune
Bob Dylan Song
Paul Simon Song
John Martyn Song
Ralph McTell Song
Joni Mitchell Song


Blues Instrumental
Blues Song 1
Blues Song 2
Country Blues 2
Basic Soloing and Scales
Jazzy Blues


Instrumental Jazz Standard
Jazz Progression 1
Jazz Progression 2
Jazz Progression 3
Jazz Based Soloing and Scales


Arlo Guthrie Tune
Ragtime Standard

Music Theory

Music Building Blocks

What to expect when you come for a lesson

When a new learner comes to see me for the first time, the first job is to find out where they are, in terms of their ability and skill set, then find out which direction they want to go.

Next - plan exercises and pieces that lead the learner in the right direction. Half an hour gives time to look at how the learner has done over the course of the week/fortnight and to plan out the work for the next session, taking in consideration previous progress.

Hour long sessions not only give time to evaluate progress and set new work, but it enables the opportunity to practice together – making it possible to really focus on areas for improvement leading to much better use of time.

Tablature (notation showing string and fret positions) is predominantly used to record work done and learners will build up a repertoire of exercises and pieces as the weeks, months and years progress.

Guitar Lessons

I offer face to face lessons in the Leamington Spa, Warwick, Banbury, Stratford areas - from beginner to advanced.

Special Needs Music

I have over 30 years’ experience of working with youngsters and adults with a large range of abilities and disabilities.


On the recordings page I hope to build up a library of covers, originals, children songs and live performances.